Workout Tuesday February 14th, 2017

“Confidence is not ‘they will like me’.  Confidence is ‘i’ll be fine if they don’t’.

– Christina Grimmie


MAP Session

6 Minutes
TGU – Don’t rush these.  Focus on each position of the movement. These build strength by passing through each position with deliberate movement.  If you don’t want to get stronger or gain mobility then do them as fast as you can.
Rest 3 Minutes

6 Minutes
Box Jump x 10
Pull Up x 10
Sit Up x 10
Rest 3 Minutes

6 Minutes
Power Clean x 8
Push Press x 8
Run 200m
Rest 3 Minutes

6 Minutes
Wall Walk x 1
Suitcase Carry x 25m
Wall Pressing Dead Bug x 10

Article ->  What’s your why?  Also, TGUs are the


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2 thoughts on “Workout Tuesday February 14th, 2017

  1. Anyone else ever recognize their why, but wish it were different? I’ve had times where I’ve battled with wanting to be competition-driven in my training, when in fact, I just want my butt to look better in my pants. If you’re on the Booty Building Bus, too, check this out

    And, yeeees! TGU’s are the bomb, Skipper!

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