Workout Monday February 27th, 2017

“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.”
– Viktor E. Frankl

A.  Thruster – In 5 Sets Build To Heavy Single (Not a 1RM); Rest 3 Mins Between – Use a rack to pull the weight into rack position

B.  Minutes 0-4

400m run then AMRAP DU’s

Minutes 4-8

500m Row then AMRAP Sit Ups

Minutes 8-12


Pull ups X 5

Push Ups X 10

Air Squats X 15

Video -> This video grabbed my attention. I remember working out at LA Fitness with my sister every day for a year and never lost a pound.  Probably because the only thing I did was start working out and I didn’t change anything else.  In fact, I think I actually started eating worse because I was going to the gym after work so I was getting home later and would stop and get dinner on my way home.  Crazy when I think about it.  I made an outward change by going to the gym but I failed to change my mindset.  Once I changed that I started to make progress toward my goals.  You must be relentless, unstoppable!  Stop wasting time and go for it!  See you guys later.  Have a great day!


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