Workout Monday December 21st, 2015

“Yesterday’s home runs don’t win today’s games.” -Babe Ruth

A.  Bench Press 5 Sets X 2 Reps – Building Sets

B1.  Single Arm Bridge Bench Press 4 Sets X 10 Each Side; Right Into

B2.  Banded Rows X 12; Right Into

B3.  Row X 15 cals; Rest 3 Mins

Check it-> Animal Spirit,  I’m a Komodo dragon/ tiger / Capricorn hybrid.




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10 thoughts on “Workout Monday December 21st, 2015

    • Haha! Your spirt animal explanations seems to fit you guys. Mine says I should be famous or President so I’m gonna go ahead and say it’s accurate. Just call me Madame President.

  1. What the hell is a Handfish?!

    Considered strange… Does things there own way… Often baffles others… Least understood… Eccentric… Never pay attention to their instructors…
    But I feel perfectly comfortable in my own wild fantasies!!!

    Thanks for nothing, spirit animal!!!

  2. “Others may find the intensity of the Komodo Dragon overwhelming. This sign combines the patience and determination of Capricorn with the outspoken intensity of the Chinese Zodiac’s Tiger. Combined they are a powerful force, particularly when personal passion and idealism drives their motives. Thus, Komodo Dragons can be intimidating to others. They can become dictators to their followers, constantly demanding more and more output in less and less time. At the same time, they have the internal resources to counteract this. Capricorn can extend its patience to others, and despite the quick temper, Tiger is actually quite the humanitarian at heart.”
    I think my spirit animal is pretty cool!!

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