Workout Thursday January 16th, 2014

“If you truly feared failure, you’d be very successful.”
– Barbara Shar


Recovery – Medium Intensity


1st Min – Row or AD 60 Seconds

2nd Min – 30 Second Plank Each Side

3rd Min – 5 Slam Ball Over Pull Up Rig

Article-> Strongman Diets…I think it’s important to figure out what works for each individual when it comes to diet (workouts too, high intensity work isn’t the key for everyone).  Most people don’t want to wait, they want a list of foods to pick from instead, the quick fix.   They don’t want to take the longer route of seeing how their body responds to different foods.  The trial an error portion during the long route is where you gain awareness and learn, that’s the good stuff.  In some cases a food list is required but in most cases people have an idea of what they should be eating.

Years ago, I hired someone to create a nutrition program for me.  I’m always eager to learn and thought this would be a cool way of gaining some knowledge.  I was asked a series of questions while chic entered them into her computer.  After we were done, her computer kicked out my list of healthy foods to eat.  My list of foods had stuff like radishes, duck, lamb and chicken.  I don’t dig any of those foods.   But I was a good client and ate some of the food that I was apprehensive about.  I was given a template diet.  That didn’t sit well with me.  Because I’m a snowflake (does that comment make me sound less like a man?), I’m an original, I needed my own plan.  I can’t have the same template diet that a teenage girl is having.  Nah me?  Besides if everyone just needed a template diet Paleo would be the key for everyone but it’s not.

The two most important things I learned working with chic is to be aware of how food makes you feel and to look at food as fuel.

Awareness is key when it comes to finding the best foods for you.  Sheyit, awareness is the key to figuring out lots of problems.  I’ve learned that tomatoes, dairy, and almond butter mess me up.  For most people,  they would consider those healthy foods.  If I have more than a little of those, I feel horrible the following day.  But I stuck to my plan and had plenty of those foods and and a few others that didn’t sit well with my tummy.  If the food your eating upsets your stomach, you shouldn’t eat it.  I just figured everyone has stomach issues but they don’t.  The more I cut those foods out, the better I felt.

I also learned to look at it as fuel.  Doesn’t matter what type of food it is as long as it fuels you up for the day.  With that shift in mind, I started changing things up.  Now I have tuna fish and an apple for breakfast on most days.  It’s not considered “breakfast food” but it makes me feel good.  I feel light and ready to go when I workout with my peeps a few hours later at 11:30am.  Do you stop to “feel” how food affects you?  Are you sleepy after lunch?  Do you get hangry?  Awareness is key to getting healthy on just about all aspects of life.  Have a good day and see you guys this afternoon!

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2 thoughts on “Workout Thursday January 16th, 2014

  1. Great post, Tom! I really love the n=1 experimentation. Until I started CrossFit and learned about the paleo lifestyle, it never occurred to me that I was free to explore different foods to see what resulted in optimal health for me. I’d just jump from the latest food craze to the next. I spent years eating a bowl of Special K sprinkled with Equal for breakfast because somewhere along the way I’d determined that was “healthy”. I’ve learned to be proactive about my health, putting in some skull sweat and tinkering with my fuel and sleep. And now I get to eat all sorts of delicious “bad” foods – guac with every meal!

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