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We have worked with numerous athletes from all types of sports. Time after time we’ve noticed that the successful athletes are those who do what is necessary off the court/field/track etc.  DTP Athletics provides programs to help athletes reach their true potential.

The DTP Athletics Hybrid Strength & Conditioning Program has 4 parts, Assessment, Regeneration, Mobility and Nutrition.  These 4 components performed in the right atmosphere will help athletes physically and mentally.  Once people perceive themselves as physically strong, their confidence will rise.  Confident athletes have more room to deal with adversity. Confident athletes will be successful on and off the court.


We’ll run each athlete through movement screens, trunk stability strength tests, single arm and single leg tests and obtain injury history.  Faulty movement patterns create small nagging pains.  Those small nagging pains will eventually turn into full-blown injuries that will require time off the court to heal if they are not fixed. By completing a detailed Assessment we’ll be better able to fix imbalances and faultily movement patterns.  It will also give us a baseline to measure the athletes progress during the program.


Based on the results we get from the Assessments we’ll create a program to fix the muscle imbalances and faulty movement patterns.  The more body awareness an athlete has, the better athlete they will become. As younger athletes go through growth spurts, they will have some coordination issues. By teaching them proper mechanics, they’ll adjust quicker.  This program will have minimal lifting and jumping.  During in-season, volleyball athletes will get plenty of jumping during practice.  Too much jumping can lead to overuse injuries.  We can address the imbalances with bands, single leg, single arm, trunk stability and glute activation exercises.


The last 15 mins of class will be focused on mobility routine with emphasis on ankles, hips and shoulders.  This is also the time that athletes can ice.  This routine will be built into the program and done onsite so I can assure it is being completed.   When an athlete is able to create more joint mobility and generate more trunk stiffness (Regeneration work), their CNS will allow them to move faster and hit harder.  With better movement comes quicker reactions, less energy utilized and less chance of them becoming injured due to improper movement.  There won’t be a need for heavy squatting, heavy deadlifting, etc.  Although it is important work, in season is the wrong place for it.  There will be a summer, off-season, program for that.


Knowing what and how much an athlete should be eating is a key component that is often overlooked. Proper fueling enables better body composition and the ability to recover faster between practices and games. An athlete who is fueled properly will have the ability to perform to their true potential.  As a part of the Hybrid Strength and Conditioning Program with DTP Athletics athletes will learn game day fueling for optimal performance as well as nutrition basics to aid post-game recovery.

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