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Why is this Assessment important and how is it different from other gyms?

It gives us the opportunity to address questions pertaining to your previous training and injuries.  Have you ever had a sprained ankle?  Do you sit at a desk for long periods of time?  Have you been running for years?  These are just three of many examples that can impact correct movement.  If these imbalances aren’t addressed, and you continue to load these faulty patterns with weight, chances of an injury are increased.  Anyone can perform an Assessment.  It’s what they do with the information that’s important.  Are you making progress? (Assessment Fee $50)


Step One:

Schedule Your Personal Assessment

Each new member meets with a coach for a Personal Assessment before beginning classes.  This allows us the opportunity to get to know you and to talk with you about your individual goals, nutrition and training history.  During the assessment we’ll identify any muscle imbalances and get conditioning and strength benchmarks.  This creates your starting point with us that we’ll track for the duration of your membership.

Step Two

Begin CrossFit Classes, or Specialized Training

Everyone who comes to CrossFit DTP brings with them their own personal fitness goals.  Upon completion of your Personal Assessment coaches will recommend either CrossFit Classes or Specialized Training.  CrossFit is considered a GPP (General Physical Preparedness) Program.  If your goal is to lose a few pounds or get back in shape CrossFit would be the right fit for you.  If your goal is more specific, running a Marathon or completing a Triathlon then our Specialized Training Program and Remote Coaching offers more individualized programing.

Step Three


With clearly defined goals, initial measurements and fitness tests, progress is easily tracked.  You’re either getting closer or you’re not.  Without an initial assessment and benchmarks how will you know if you’re making progress or if you’re just getting sweaty?  Goals will be reviewed and updated on a consistent basis.  We’ll check in with you after 2 weeks, again at the one month mark and then repeat the initial assessment periodically.  After our reassessment, we’ll be able to make changes if needed or continue to move forward.


We’ll touch on nutrition during your assessment.  We’ll go over what a typical day of eating looks like and offer a few suggestions.  We believe that nutrition should be individualized and should take into account lifestyle factors.  How many different diets have you tried?  Zone, Paleo, South Beach etc.?  Were the results long lasting?  For a lot of people they’re not. With our Performance Based Nutrition program we’ll develop an individual program based on what you need.  Education will be built around what you’re struggling with.  How many calories from carbohydrate should you have each day?  What about pre workout and post workout?  Should you be taking supplements?  If it was as easy as sliding the Paleo Diet book across the table and telling you to do everything it says in this book, everyone would be fit and lean.