Silvia Capir


I started doing crossfit 4 years ago. I have always been active in the sense that I worked out at the gym and would run from time to time, but never an athlete. I never played sports in high school or college so starting Crossfit was definitely something new.​ I was fortunate to have met Tom when I began this journey. I quickly learned from going to other gyms how important programming is to avoid injuries and over working your body. Needless to say when Crossfit DTP opened I immediately joined. The atmosphere and coaching provided there is not something I have seen at any other gym. The members are a close group and are very welcoming to all new athletes regardless of their background.

After reaching goals I had set for myself in Crossfit I felt it was time for something new, and that’s when I decided to sign up for my first half Ironman: The Silverman 70.3. I never realized just how difficult the course was and the amount of sacrifice (physically, mentally, and financially) this would entail. It was daunting but Tom never doubted me.

From day one we sat down and talked about goals, why I was doing it, and how to make the training efficient with my work schedule and travel. He took into consideration that I was starting from zero since I had to learn how to swim properly, bike with clip-in shoes, and develop the endurance to combine all 3 aspects of this race in just 6 months. Things were off to a good start, but around month 3 is where it became difficult for me. I had a pretty bad fall on the bike, it was the middle of summer and had to be up at 4 a.m. every morning to train, and the longer training days would take up to 4 hours leaving me exhausted with no social life. Throughout this Tom never doubted me and kept pushing and encouraging me. To be honest I’m not sure if I would have been able to do it without the weekly check-in calls and reassuring texts.

After all the hard work I was able to finish the 1/2 Ironman a little under my 8 hour goal! I know that this is not something I would’ve been able to do (or enjoy) with any other coach. But also in addition to Tom it was also everyone at the gym who helped. Every time I walked into DTP members and coaches would ask how I was doing, how the training was going, and would give me words of encouragement that helped me on the big day.

I am proud to be a member of a community with such dedicated athletes and amazing coaches at DTP.

Silvia Capir
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