Ryan Tilton


GOAL: Make CrossFit 2014 Regionals AGE: 28

This past summer after missing the opportunity to compete in the SW Regionals by ~100 spots, I knew it was time to get really serious about my training if I wanted to make it and do well in some local competitions on the side. I had followed some personal programming for a friend that was through OPT over the summer, and realized that I needed to get on my own program if I wanted to see real success. After that, I reached out to Tom directly, as we had a great personal relationship and I consider him to be one of the most knowledgeable coaches in “the game.”

The remote coaching through Tom, in my opinion, has been pivotal in my growth as an athlete, particularly when you consider it’s only been a short time. Last year I injured my shoulder going into the Open and was severely over-trained and under-recovered, and my performance took a big hit as a result. I had to pull out of the Winter Open because by that time I couldn’t complete any hand stand pushups or move weight overhead without issues. I moved back and forth between the “top” programs (Invictus Competitor, Outlaw, OPT Big Dawgs) and I still wasn’t healing and my overall progress had stalled.

Fast forward to today, and my performance is increasing on what feels like a daily basis. Two weeks ago, I was able to jerk 315#, a lifetime PR. I also participated in an intra-gym competition (the Cactus Cup) in which I hit a 2:27 Fran, another lifetime PR. Things have been going very well to say the least. My favorite aspect is the personal interest Tom takes in your success; you aren’t just another number on the whiteboard and he wants to see you do well in whatever endeavor you pursue. My biggest goal is to make the SW Regionals this year, and I do feel as though I have a genuine shot by working with Tom.

There are a huge amount of other positive experiences in regards to CF that I’ve had through the remote programming at DTP, but I can say in earnest that if you’re even considering it, get started right now. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve made.

Ryan Tilton
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