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We all have those moments in life. Those moments where the catalyst for change happens. We have them about our careers, our families, our relationships, our health.  Some people call them inflection points or light bulb moments and the best part is that sometimes they come to you when you least expect it but need it most. I had just gotten back from a trip to Europe and just turned 36.  I was looking through some pictures and hardly recognized myself in one of the pictures. Who is that guy that looks like me but, really doesn’t actually, look like me?  It’s the start of a story we’ve all heard countless times.  The athlete you were in high school and college isn’t there anymore. The demands of life have corrupted your physical goals. The excuses start, and continue, and keep going until you finally see that picture and realize a change needs to be made.

Sure, this can be a story about my road to health. How I physically became stronger and lost weight and liked the results I saw in the mirror.  But that’s an easy story to tell. If you put the work in you will get results. The part that I want to tell is how Crossfit DTP enabled me to make those changes.  I found DTP pretty easy actually, I drove by it everyday on my way to work.  So, one day instead of turning right to go home I turned left and stopped in to see what this Crossfit thing was all about. Tom and Ali welcomed me and although I didn’t know anyone there, everyone made a point in my first few weeks of introducing themselves with a smile on their face. Little did I know that this place and these athletes from all walks of life would start to become more than people I simply work out with.

As the days and weeks went by and I kept turning left to go to the gymnasium instead of right to go home, the unfamiliar movements, vocabulary, and most of all, people, became familiar.  Tom and Ali changed from coaches to friends that were actually invested and cared about you physically and mentally.  The athletes became friends and I realized I had a new family. There is no other group of people that I’d rather do these workouts with. No other set of coaches that push you and motivate you but also care about you.

As I’ve now moved out of state and am trying other Crossfit locations I’ve realized there simply is no replacement for Crossfit DTP.  The coaching is smart and thoughtful, the workouts are tough and challenging, and the people are truly incredible.  Crossfit DTP has changed my life and I can’t even begin to know how to thank them enough. Crossfit DTP is not a gym, a box, or anything else. It’s a community of like minded people that push each other to achieve their own individual wellness goals. It’s a community I miss. It’s a community I would recommend without hesitation.  It’s a community I will never replace

Peter Hora

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