Hi, my name is Nathan. I have been a member of Crossfit DTP since August 2013.

Growing up I was very active: ran cross country, played ice hockey and spent some time as a soccer goalie. Since I went to high school on the Jersey Shore (and no, it wasn’t like the MTV G.T.L. nonsense!) my friends I regularly enjoyed swimming, body boarding and water skiing.

Eventually I moved to Arizona and really took to hiking and continued ice hockey. However, work and getting older (more sedentary) saw my physical activities slowdown markedly. The daily office grind, work travel, eating poorly, so on and so on… and then one day I was overweight and out of shape. It happens slowly, over time, until you realize: wait, what happened?! A visit to the doctor gave a real wakeup call: my blood pressure was high and combined with my weight; the doctor said that I was mildly hypertensive and pre-diabetic! Man! I had to get my butt in gear and turn this around!

I considered different gyms and workout regiments. I have always found “the gym” a pretty boring place. Treadmill. Boring. Stair machine. Boring. Weights without coaching/guidance. Boring. Don’t get me wrong, I know how to create a program that meets my needs for conditioning, weight loss, etc. – it was just getting tougher to motivate myself as I got older.

Then I met Mr. Tom Colvin. (Cue angelic trumpets!) I had the pleasure of working with Tom, Ali and Santana at another great Crossfit facility. I’m happy for them as they strike out on their own with Crossfit DTP and that I could continue working with them.

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