Michael Cano

Hi, my name is Michael. I have been a member of CrossFit DTP since September 2013.

I greatly admire individuals that have well balanced lives and envy not what they have as possessions, but how they have high quality personal characteristics. These people have success in their lives and balance in their profession, spirituality, family, community leadership, humanitarian, and of course their physical fitness. I admire these types of people and they are my superstars. I constantly work towards having those personal characteristics and being a well-balanced person. I realize that this may be an everlasting goal and some of the characteristics maybe harder to develop. I also realize that I may never achieve in some, however the effort will never be wasted by working on them and striving to be well balanced person.

One of those many characteristics of being well balanced is becoming physically fit. I now feel that I’m on the correct path in being physically fit by being a member at CrossFit DTP (DTP), which is my CrossFit home. I define being physically fit as combing endurance and strength, say like a boxer, a running back, linebacker, rugby player, etc. Previously, I have been active with sports with moderate success, and at times I have been more fit than other times. I have never been in great shape or been called physically fit.  Finding CrossFit has led me to finding the correct path to becoming physically fit and at DTP it has made the path much clearer.

There are various ways to measure how I am developing to becoming physically fit and measurements convince me that I am on the correct path. The easiest way to determine my improvements are personal records (PR). A PR can be either by the time that it takes me to complete a workout or the amount of weight I can move in one repetition. These PRs have improved throughout my time at DTP and I feel that they will continue to improve while being a member.

The second physically fit measurement is endurance. I was inspired by other DTP members that were training for marathons last fall, and I decided to train for the Phoenix ‘Rock-n-Roll’half-marathon nine weeks before the race. This was another milestone, to have the endurance to run continuously 13.2 miles. I started from not running more than 2 miles, so at the time I had a long way to go. At that time, I was getting stronger, but my endurance needed improvement to run long distances. I discussed training and schedules with the DTP coaches. The DTP group classes with my running schedule provided me the ability to complete the half-marathon with 12 minute per mile. Obviously, I did not win the race, and I probably was only within 50-percentile for my age group. Nevertheless, it was a huge success margin compared to my previous endurance measures. I never ran more than 4 miles without stopping and the pace was faster than my training times. At first I had to walk a lot to complete the distance schedule and at times I had to walk back to my vehicle because of muscle pain. I eventually worked through the pain, and with DTP coaching I knew when to rest, scale back, or continue training. The physical improvements to run the half marathon were from the DTP classes which provided me the inspiration, coaching, confidence, and commitment.

Before I joined DTP, I was invited to Havasupai for a backpacking trip near the Grand Canyon last Labor Day weekend. I trained for a short time before the trip by hiking and I figured it was the best way to train for the trip. The hike out from the Havasupai Camp is approximately 10 miles and the last hour of the hike is incredibly steep. I was able to hike out but I was extremely exhausted and during the time at the camp, I didn’t have as much energy to do the day-hikes as my friends. I recently went backpacking to Havasupai again, but this time I had much more energy. The hike out was actually enjoyable which made the trip even more memorable. I had the energy to do day hikes and even dive off a cliff at one of the falls. Previously, I would have never been able to pull myself from the water, scale up rocks, and had the confidence to dive off a 15-foot cliff. I did not have data to compare the two hikes, however I know that the recent hike I had more energy and the hike out was actually pleasant. I was at DTP the following day, compared to the previous hike, I had to take a week off of activity to recover. I did not hike much at all to train for the recent hike and the only training came from my DTP classes. One was before DTP and the recent trip being I was active as a DTP member. This shows that I am on the correct path to becoming physically fit.

Playing baseball has been a huge part of my life when I was younger and especially the last four years. I started playing again when I was at a difficult time and I was completely out shape. Playing again made huge positive impacts in my life, one is simply knowing how out of shape I was. I was hurt during the second season and this injury led me to start CrossFit. This baseball season is my first season being a DTP member and even though my batting stats are the same, I have experienced positive measurements compared to previous seasons. I am now able to play nine innings and still have the energy to do other activities after the games. Previous seasons, I couldn’t even move after a game and I needed to rest that day, if not multiple days to recover. I run the bases versus jogging them as I did previously. I am able to play more positions, such as pitcher. Playing baseball is more enjoyable now because it is not as taxing by being more physically fit. DTP classes provide me the ability to increase strength, endurance, and mobility. The coaches and fellow members are very supportive in my sport. Two friends from DTP took time from their busy schedule to watch me play. During the game one of my teammates mentioned how well I ran the bases while they were attending the game, evidence how the other members influence me as well. Playing is more enjoyable and without major recovery times, which convinces me that I am more physically fit.

There are many personal characteristics that I want to improve and develop. Physical fitness is just one of them. I feel confident that this aspect is on the correct path by being a member of DTP. I feel confident of their coaching philosophy and style. I also feel confident in their class programs and how they have the ability to adapt to each members goals. Physical fitness is not all that I want to improve on, but it has provided me quality of life. This quality of life may be the binder and the catalyst to assist me in achieving my goals. Physical fitness provides me the energy to be a better business owner, leader, engineer, humanitarian, son, brother, friend, and better human being.

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