Kurt Hammerquist


At the age of only 20 I am considered a youngster, but in my life I have had a constant battle of going from physically in shape to out of shape by nearly 100lbs. In shape to out, in shape to out, in and out. Time and time again I allowed myself to gorge on greasy junk food and video games till the point I grew and grew, HORIZONTALLY to around 280lbs. As an effect of that added weight I developed knee and back problems. Being a country boy, my size made it hard to do the things I loved, like hike, bike, and the general outdoors. I allowed myself to remain that way for a good long while. It wasn’t until I got cut from 2 different baseball teams (side note: I absolutely love the game of baseball) that I finally made the necessary changes.

The changes came slowly but surely. First I would run up and down the stairs during commercials (cause who wants to watch commercials). Doing this allowed me to drop 26lbs in only a month. Then came a completely new challenge. HIGH SCHOOL BASEBALL! This posed a new challenge due to the competitiveness of the coaches and other players. It was here that I learned that even though I drop a good amount of weight, I was still nowhere close to where I would need to be to compete. And so I got cut……. AGAIN. This was mentally the last straw. I had to do better if I wanted to compete on a real baseball team. So I started working harder and harder and lost more and more weight. Finally I tried out again and the work paid off. I made the baseball team. Then I started weight lifting. This is where I got into really good shape. I was finally able to run, jump, and play for hours on end. But as soon as I graduated I gain all that weight back due to the lack of activities and the stress of looking for a job.

When I finally joined the work force I was yet again out of shape and found my knees and back hurting and my physical performance at work suffering. This is where the one, the only, CROSSFIT DTP comes in. I was very new to crossfit and to be honest was very bad at it. 90% of the movements were new to me and the crossfit lingo took me a while to pick up. But through the excellent training of Tom Colvin and Ali Smith I began to pick up on most of the exercises. The knowledge that they both possess took me to a whole new level of fitness. I am constantly learning from them as well as the life coaches on how to stretch, proper form on lifts, and in just how to enjoy life. They also teach on mental strength along with the physical stuff so that when you hit a wall mentally in a work out (or in life) you have developed the mental tools not to only get over the wall but to completely obliterate it.

Thanks to Crossfit DTP I have gotten back into shape and have fallen in love with an environment and family that words just cannot describe. The atmosphere the coaches have created is unlike any other gym. It’s a place where we all suffer through workouts together and become better friends because of it. This gym is a home away from home for me. And there is no way to truly describe it except that you need to just come on in and put the time in to get to know people and make friends and live better along the way.

Kurt Hammerquist
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