Kela Powers

GOAL: Run A Marathon  AGE: 25

I enjoy being active and healthy.  I take pride in my work and I like spending time with my friends and family; however, with the craziness of life these three, seemingly simple, priorities are hard to accomplish day in and day out.  CrossFit DTP has helped me find balance.

As an athlete, I know the joys of teamwork, dedication, and successes on the court.  That bond you have with a coach and a team is not easily replicated.  Playing volleyball in college was a great experience, but after graduating and moving to Phoenix I realized I really missed the structured, competitive, team environment. CrossFit DTP gives me an outlet for competition and support.  CrossFit DTP is an awesome community with talented coaches who push their athletes toward achieving goals.

In November, I approached Tom with the crazy goal of running a marathon- only two and a half months away.  His initial question to me was, “Why?”  This demonstrated his genuine interest in understanding my motivations.  After discussing my goal further, Tom took me on as a remote-coaching client.

Tom provided me with weekly workouts, nutrition advice, and progress check-ins.  Tom is the kind of coach that not only believes in his athletes and creates programs that support our goals, but also discovers what drives us. He wanted me to finish the marathon, but more importantly be prepared, overcome my fears around it, and enjoy the experience.  I not only finished the marathon, but also beat my goal of four and a half hours!  The experience was truly shaped by DPT and Tom’s remote-coaching.

I love seeing the results of dedicated training provided by DTP and being surrounded by a great community of athletes.

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