Cecily Fuller

GOAL: Complete Ironman Arizona  AGE: 26

I have been CrossFitting for around three years now off-and-on in a few different cities and have come across the good and the bad gyms. If you walk into any box in the country, you’ll find a group of like-minded people who all want to better themselves in some way. What you won’t find at just any box, and what CrossFit DTP has to offer, is a friendly atmosphere, a variety of athletes (from those who just recently got themselves off the couch to those working their way towards some serious competition) and a coaching staff who listens and takes a personal vested interest in the goals and progress of each and every athlete.


I met Tom a few years ago while he was coaching at another local CrossFit gym. I had just moved back from living in California for three years and found myself about 30 pounds heavier than my norm. My confidence was low and while I was excited to make a change for the better, I was nervous. From the start, Tom made me feel very comfortable. He genuinely asked about my goals, fears and interests. After that first class, he exchanged phone numbers with me and said to get in touch if I ever had any questions. I remember thinking “yeah okay, nice gesture, but he won’t remember this conversation in 30 minutes.” The next day, I received a text from Tom checking in to see how I was feeling the day after my first workout back.

I made some great progress over the next year and started to set some new goals: I decided I wanted to compete in an Ironman triathlon. I spent some time researching training options and local triathlon coaches and looped Tom in from the beginning. He helped me look at all of my options without bias and even set up an informational meeting for me with a local CrossFit endurance coach, which he joined in on. Ultimately, Tom offered to coach me through my training and I signed on as CrossFit DTP’s first remote coaching client.

Tom jumped in headfirst from day one, providing me with weekly workouts, communicating regularly to stay in-tune with my progress and was always available. He did hours of research, attended seminars and answered every question I had along the way with thought and care. He was as invested in my goal as I was from week one of training through week 42.

Another key aspect of a gym is the community that is built there. The DTP community is unlike any other. While I was a remote coaching client (living in Denver), I still felt very much a part of the DTP community even though I wasn’t physically there. The support I received before, during and after my race from members of DTP was incredible: phone calls, emails, text messages and many even showed up on race day.

The CrossFit community is growing rapidly; boxes are popping up all over the place and they’re filling up to capacity. With all of this growth, I can see how it is easy for members to get lost in their gyms and for coaches to have a difficult time focusing on the individual safety and goals of each member. While, I understand the difficulty, it’s not something I’m willing to sacrifice on. That individualized attention is the number one priority for Tom and the rest of the staff at CrossFit DTP, regardless of your goals.

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