Monday March 13th, 2017

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

– Benjamin Franklin

A. Front Squat 4 x 3; Rest 3 Minutes

B1. Zercher Reverse Lunge 4 x 5; Rest 1 Minute between legs

B2. KB Swing x 15; Rest 2 Minutes

C. Max DU’s x 4 Minutes

Article ->  How to Cure To Do List Panic  I first read today’s article a few weeks ago.  It’s interesting how since the events over the weekend it has taken on a new meaning for me.  On Friday I got some stressful news about a family member.  It was tough because he lives so far away and I felt completely helpless.  Although I wasn’t there physically to help I hope the conversations I had did.  Life can be stressful, you can’t choose the things that happen but you can choose your actions and your reactions.  I think #6 stands out the most to me now – take action today.  Make it a great one!


Congrats to Kurt and his team!  They ran Ragnar Del Sol over the weekend.

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