I like need things neat, clean and organized.  I have spent hours in Staples imagining ways to organize stuff I don’t even actually have and clutter causes me anxiety.  I’m not saying being organized is a bad thing and neither is being neat and clean.  However, when you have things that need to be done and a child with her own idea of how to organize you can see how this may lead to problems.

I remember a time when my kids were little.  We had decided to go for a walk to the park.  As we were getting ready to leave I picked up the few dishes from the table to hurry and put in the dishwasher.  Next to the sink was a dish towel that I could just hurry and throw in the laundry but next to the washer were some of the kids things that I needed to hurry and run to their room.  Once I got to the bedroom I noticed the beds weren’t made, to my standard, so I needed to fix them.  As I hurried back up the stairs and past the counter there was some mail laying out that I quickly organized before heading to the front door to leave.  As I walked into the living room I realized everyone was gone.  They had left without me.

My house was neat, clean and organized but I had missed out on a moment that I could not get back.  My priority wasn’t to clean the house yet it took priority over the walk to the park with my family.  How did I let that happen?


“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”

George Bernard Shaw


My walk alone to the park gave me some perspective that day but I don’t think I fully understood how it all fit together until I started coaching.  If I knew then what I know now this is what I would have asked myself.

  • Q: What was my goal?
  • A: To walk to the park and enjoy the day with my kids.
  • Q: Did I accomplish my goal?
  • A: No.
  • Q: Why not?
  • A:  Because I was focused on the wrong things.
  • Q: What do I need to change in order to reach my goal?

As things in life change around you how do you react to it?  Are you distracted or are you able to stay focused on your goal?  When it comes to your fitness there are a lot of moving pieces and a lot of distractions.  Nutrition, sleep, stress management and workouts all play an important role in achieving your fitness goals.  Then we add jobs, families, spouses/boyfriends/girlfriends, kids, pets, school into our already packed day and there you have every distraction from your goal that you can imagine.

“The more aware of your intentions and your experiences you become, the more you will be able to connect the two, and the more you will be able to create the experiences of your life consciously. This is the development of mastery. It is the creation of authentic power.”

Gary Zukav


So, what’s the point?  Distractions happen. End of story.  There will always, always be something.  Something that keeps you from going to the gym.  Something that keeps you from eating healthy.  Something “shiny” that distracts you from the program. There will be stressful days and days you are tired and days you don’t really even care.  None of that matters – IF you have put in the time to create priorities and goals.

If your priority is to eat healthy and your goal is to eat healthy, if it has a purpose and meaning to you, then whatever the distraction is won’t matter.  You will have the motivation and the determination to find a solution to the problem.  If something prevents you from going to the gym, you still have the option to take the stairs or go for a walk during lunch.

Like poor movement patterns that are relearned by replacing them with correct movement patterns – action will create change.

Create intention with everything that you do. Find your purpose and set meaningful goals.   Make today count!

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